Good day, Sunshine

by songsforyourselfandeveryoneelse

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i suppose you can tell the title is sort of ironic.


released July 3, 2014

thank you, and everyone else.



all rights reserved


songsforyourselfandeveryoneelse San Francisco, California

this is called, songsforyourselfandeveryoneelse.
songs written by jack connor on a guitar.
songs about nothing relevant to anyone but his selfish self.
all the same, here you are.

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Track Name: Good Riddance
Pack up, get going - you don’t want to miss out on missing me. It’s the easiest thing you’ll ever have to do: that I can promise you. It’s the simple way out, without all the talking/complaining/missing me. Who are you to talk about distance? I bet you could learn a thing or two from me. I got so damn good at pushing away, that no one ever comes close anymore. You won’t even know I’m gone. Just like I won’t even know I was there. And it doesn’t seem fair - not to you at least. You need to feel sorry for somebody. So feel sorry for yourself. I’m the one feeling guilty for this, but I don’t feel bad about it - that’s why. When it hits will I bend or break or shatter or crack? I saw in me a hollow being only worried about the life he’s living.
Track Name: He Sent A Bear (The End Is Nigh!)
We all love you, and goodbye. I would be pretty upset if you were to die. So please don’t try to. What will I do without you? Oh, no. Where am I to go? You’ll have a years worth of stories to make up - I hope they’re full of your usual bad luck. I’ll wait here, send letters and phone calls. Tell me what that side of the world has to show, I’m dying to know. But I’ll be dying to see you again. I know you regret throwing away those boxes - trust me it’s for the best. This song won’t reach you in time, I’ll be alone on new year’s eve. Sorry I got too busy.
Track Name: I Pray For Your Children That You Change
It’s a shame you were told that, because now I’m not so sure I want to know you anymore. I hope you get you get your kids to see something in you, because I don’t . I don’t know where to start: to not hurt your feelings but still get my point across. But others must not matter too much to you… To hell with you and that fucked up belief. Don’t talk to me. Did you ever stop to think about it, so it made sense in your head? Where is your head?
Track Name: More Than You Know
our eyes glisten through the smoke - young and wide open for anything. And I pass through each of you, talking amongst yourselves. I care for you all so much it hurts to talk about/laugh about/think about for too long. I hope my memory holds up: I’d like a pretty good flashback reel in the hospital bed of everything we’ve ever done. Every single one of us.
Track Name: Don't Do It To Me
I promise if you drag me there I’ll sit in the corner, on my phone, waiting to go home. Don’t do it to me. I like to think I’m getting better every day, but I’ve never really checked. So, keep your red cups, and the throwing up. I’ll do that on my own time. What were you saying? I forgot - it’s been over five seconds since you spoke. Tell a joke to clear the air, and we’re back to “where are you from?” / “how did you get here?” and “what drink does he have there?”. I’m sorry to turn down so many invitations. I’m fine with your intentions, but I’ll hang back. If you’re not okay with that, then it’s probably what I was going for.