Poppy Seeds / This Charming Man

by songsforyourselfandeveryoneelse

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released February 28, 2016



all rights reserved


songsforyourselfandeveryoneelse San Francisco, California

this is called, songsforyourselfandeveryoneelse.
songs written by jack connor on a guitar.
songs about nothing relevant to anyone but his selfish self.
all the same, here you are.

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Track Name: Poppy Seeds
Wake up, wake up. I've been waiting ages for you. Your sun is bright - it's raining here. What else is new? And by the time you towel me dry, I'll be gathering my solace supplies.

Sitting on this god-forsaken seesaw that I have no way to balance my weight with yours. Down and down as soon as your luck starts to turn around. Then switch it up, and up I go, watching your fragile balloon blow.

Pick up the fallen pieces. I know you don't believe it, but they fit back together. Rinse, repeat forever. Funny how nothing changes, and again I will forget - dancing in the rain while you have water at your neck. (Back and forth, this for that, any downtime is a trap. Plant a flag atop your hill. Save the dirt, I've a grave to fill).

I'm gonna break the board in two - use the ends as oars. We'll trade off playing dinghy. It's all we've done before. We'll sleep on the shore. Yeah, we'll be level.